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A Sound Heart

The First Sign of A Sound Heart

The one who spends his wealth in good avenues (for the sake of Allah) He spends on Madrasah, Mosque or any other cause that works to spread Allah’s Deen. One should spend generously in such avenues and hope that he will be rewarded for it in the Hereafter. This is a means of foreign exchange. The one who is a miser (Makkhi Choos) will not spend in the path of Allah. Now, you may ask what is a Makkhi Choos? There was a miser, and a fly fell into his curry. When the fly began to fly away, he quickly caught it, licked the gravy off its wings and then let it go. From that time onwards, the phrase Makkhi chaos came into existence. Another incident comes to mind. A miser was eating figs, which are called ‘Teen’ in Arabic. A Qari Saheb was passing by. The miser realized that he would have to share the figs with him. He immediately hid the figs in his Shawl. When Qari Saheb arrived, the miser asked him to recite Surah Wat[1]teen واتين The word “Wat-teen” means “By the oath of the fig,” Qari Saheb began reciting the Surah in the following manner: والزيتون وطور سينين The miser said, “Qari Saheb, you have erred! You left out والتين. The verse is والزيتون والتين Qari Saheb replied, “I have not forgotten. How can I read والتين when the figs are hidden under the Shawl?

The Second Sign of A Sound Heart

A person who guides and makes his children the friends of Allah Ta’ala When a person’s children are afflicted by cancer or some other illness, he runs to the friends of Allah. He hankers after Taweezes and asks the friends of Allah to supplicate for him. Similarly, if one’s children are afflicted by the illness of negligence, they do not perform Salah or Fast, they behave like hippies, hanker after women and are involved in the evils of films, videos and music, one should be concerned. One should worry about their condition on the Day of Resurrection. Take them to the friends of Allah Ta’ala. Plead with them or give them some money and take them to Allah’s chosen servants where the talks of Deen are taking place. To endeavor to make one’s children pious is also a sign of a sound heart. Now you can decide for yourself whether you have a sound heart or not

The Third Sign of A Sound Heart

The one whose heart is free of the preponderance of desires He is not so overpowered by desires that he cannot distinguish between Halaal and Haraam. This means that if a person desires Halaal, for example, he wants to drink Marinda or Coke or he wants to eat Samoosas, he can do so. He can partake of whatever is Halaal. However, if pork is being praised somewhere, he should not even look at it. Do not even look at Haraam. Look at your wife and parents. By looking at your parents with love, Rasulullah وسلم عليہ  صلی said that such a person receives the reward of an accepted Hajj. The Sahabah عنہ تعالی  رضی ٰ asked what if a person looks at his parents a hundred times a day. Rasulullah وسلم عليہ  صلی replied that a person can look as many times as he wants. Allah Ta’ala is great. He will be rewarded as many times. He has granted you the ability to see with your eyes and the ability to hear with your ears. Use these senses, which Allah has granted you, for His sake. Allah has given life (Jan) and bread (Nan). Eat bread and abstain from Haraam. One who stares at females, whether at the airport or in shopping malls or unnecessarily passes by girls school does not have a sound heart. This is a very dangerous malady. If he truly believed in Allah and the Final Day, his human nobility would not have permitted him to look at Haraam things. Allah is watching you no matter where you look۔

His gaze was a sentinel over my gaze

 Regretfully we were oblivious of this perception.

The Fourth Sign of A Sound Heart


A person whose heart is free of wrong and deviated beliefs One whose heart is free of wrong and deviated beliefs. He does not ask for things from the graves. Remaining free of deviated beliefs is also a sign of a pure heart. The one who asks from beings other than Allah or who regards disobedient people as the friends of Allah Ta’ala also does not possess a sound heart. Accordingly, a pious poet says:

Even if he flies in the air day and night,

Consider him to be Shaytaan if he abandons the Sunnah

 It is sinful to regard as Waliullah that person who has no regard for the Sunnah. It is Kufr. There is a disease today of regarding such people as pious people and going to them who are speculators and those who don loincloths but do not perform Salah, who smoke cigarettes and have no beards. A Waliullah is only the one who treads the path of Rasulullah

The Fifth Sign of A Sound Heart

The fifth Tafseer is extreme for the great friends of Allah.

The one whose heart is empty of everything besides Allah

His heart reflects the following poems:

“My heart should become one plain

Where only You remain 

Instead of water and clay in torso

There must be only a pain in the heart for You 

My gaze must be cast off others completely

Only You must be visible wherever I took”

 When a person has Allah in his heart, he sees Allah everywhere, When the heart is negligent, it reflects the following couplet..

When the heart was a garden, spring dripped from everything When the heart became desolate, the whole world became desolate.

When the heart is ravaged due to sins, the whole world will seem to be plundered. However, if Allah is in the heart, one will see a garden and the Creator of flowers everywhere. How does one obtain the Creator of flowers? When you turn your gaze away from the flowers of this world, you will obtain the Creator of flowers. A pious poet says:

I have lost the spring of life and obtained the pain of the heart

I lost the entire garden for the sake of one moist flower

 Sacrifice the whole enjoyment of London and England, otherwise, you will obtain only land from England and you will not obtain Allah Ta’ala. Let us supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to grant us a life of piety. O Allah, forgive our sins. Forgive our past sins. Illuminate our present with Your pleasure and render our future radiant with piety and steadfastness. Grant all of us a life of piety. O Allah, Make Akhtar, his family, his friends and all his acquaintances reach the final limit where the Siddiqeen reach.

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