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Bath (Ghusul)

Bath (Ghusul)

The body can be cleaned of hukmi najaasat by taking ghusul.

Ghusul means taking bath; but there is a particular way of taking bath described by sharee’at (Islamic law).

The way of taking ghusul is this: First wash the hands up to the wrists. Then wash the private parts and the uncleanness or haqeeqi najaasat from the body. Then do wuduu’. Then pour water over the body three times, gargle and put water into the nostrils.

Three things are fard in ghusul:

♦ Passing water into and out of the mouth. i.e. gargling;
♦ Putting water into the nostrils; and
♦ Passing water over the entire body

There are five sunnats in ghusul:

♦ Washing the hands up to the wrists;
♦ Washing the private parts and the parts over which uncleanness is found;
♦ Niyyah of washing off hukmi najaasat;
♦ Doing wuduu’ first; and
♦ Passing water over the whole body three times.


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