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Chowdhary Abdul Matin-Scientist And Educationist

Great Muslim

Scientist And Educationist

(Early life and background)


Chowdhury, Abdul Matin (1921-1981) somebody, educationalist, administrator, national capital University was born within the village Nandanpur below Lakshmipur district on one might.


1921.Passed entrance in 1937 from Arunchandra highschool of Noakhali and ISc from national capital Intermediate faculty in 1939.He received BSc (honours) and MS degree in Physics (1942-43) from national capital University, with first-class in each.He visited USA in 1946 on a government scholarship and obtained Doctor of Philosophy in part Physics (1949) from Chicago University.Abdul Matin Chowdhury began his career as a specialiser within the Asian nation Meteorology Department.subsequently he joined as a Reader within the academic department (1950) of national capital University.He received a government scholarship and visited the united kingdom in 1956 and conducted a look work on X-Ray physics at London University for 2 years, then came homeHe completed the analysis started in London at national capital University and received Doctor of Philosophy for the second time in 1961.He was promoted to academic of Physics

Political and religious career

in1962, and was Head of the Department of Physics from 1962 to 1967.He conjointly served as a Member of the Asian nation nuclear energy Commission (1967-1970), Chief somebody of the Ministry of Defence and also the President’s Scientific adviser (1970-1971).He was Secretary of the Asian nation Association for the Advancement of Science, Chairman of the Asian nation Association of Scientists and Scientific Professions, Fellow of the Royal earth scienceSociety of england, Member of the choice committee for the accolade in Physics for Asian Region, and Member of the choice committee for the Jawaharlal Nehru Peace Award.In 1971, throughout the WAR OF LIBERATION, he was unfree in Asian nation.when independence, he came from Asian nation and in 1973 was appointed vice-chancellor of national capital University wherever he served until 1975.Professor AM Chowdhury was honored with visiting fellowship by the Wolkson faculty of Oxford in 1976.The Syndicate of national capital University established a Chair within the academic department named when the planet celebrated man of science Satyendra Nath Satyendra N.Bose and appointed professor Chowdhury because the initial ‘Bose Professor’ in 1974.


Abdul Matin Chowdhury died in national capital on twenty four Gregorian calendar month 1981.

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