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Differences in Language & Color: A Means of the Recognition of Allah

The languages of humankind however are different and vary from country to country and location to location. What is the reasoning and wisdom behind this difference? The wisdom behind this difference is that Allah created human race for the sake of His recognition. For this reason, He brought about variations in the languages so that they may ponder over the wonders of His unique power in the many languages He has created.

Allah Ta’ala says:

“And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and

The differences and variations in your languages and colors are from amongst the signs of Allah Ta’ala; these signs are not bestowed to animals. These animals do not have the capability of recognizing Allah. If animals would have been capable of Allah’s recognition then the cats in England would have spoken English, the cats in Pakistan would have spoken Urdu, and the cats in Bangladesh would have spoken in Bangla. Nevertheless, the reality of the matter is that all the animals of the world communicate alike. Humankind, however, has been created for the lofty purpose of recognizing Allah Ta`ala, though the His creation of the different colors and languages. It is very unfortunate that due to our ignorance, we have made these things a means by which we discriminate against others and consider ourselves superior saying, “I am white, and he is black…” One should understand that the wisdom behind the creation of the different languages and colors is not to bring about hatred and enmity, but rather, to create love and recognition. If a father leaves behind object of remembrance for his children’s sake, will that object bring about good memories or will it create enmity and hatred between each other?

Allah Ta`ala is telling us that our differences in language and color is His sign. It is a means by which we can remember Him. Now instead of making this an opportunity to recognize our Creator and show gratitude to Him, we are instead quarreling amongst ourselves and making this a means of gaining superiority over others.

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