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Farz and Sunnah in wudu

There are four things farz in wudu.

♦ Washing the face from the forehead to the lower portion of the chin and from one ear to the other;

♦ Washing both the arms, up to the elbows;

♦ Doing masah, covering at least a quarter of the head; and

♦ Washing of both feet up to the ankles.

Wudu’ has 13 things that are sunnah:

♦ Niyyah (intention);

♦ Saying the bismillaah before starting;

♦ Washing the hands three times up to the wrists;

♦ Brushing the teeth by miswaak or fingers;

♦ Gargling three times;

♦ Passing water into the nostrils three times;

♦ Khilaal – i.e. to pass wet fingers into the beard;

♦ Khilaal of fingers and toes;

♦ Washing of each part three times;

♦ Masah of the whole head;

♦ Masah of both ears;

♦ Wuduu’ done systematically, in order; and

♦ Washing of each part one after the other without pause, so that no part dries up before you finish the whole wuduu’.


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