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The Greatness of the Grief of Allah’s Path

Allah is reached by this grief. But how regretful it is that man is prepared to endure the grief of the entire world, but he hesitates and fears undergoing the grief of Allah’s path. The grief of Allah’s path is so honored that if all the crowns and thrones of the kings of the world are placed in one pan of the scale together with the beauty and love of all the lovers of the world, the entire wealth of the world and all the deliciousness of the shami kababs and biryani of the world cannot equal one atom of the grief of Allah’s path. How aptly Allamah Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi (Rahimahullah) has said,

When I obtain the wealth of Your grief I become independent of the grief of both the worlds.

The grief of Allah’s love and the grief of abstaining from sin is better than the whole world. You can attain heaven by this grief. This is the grief that brings one into close proximity to Allah, makes one a waliullah, keeps one at ease in this world and makes one reach jannah. Who can pay the price of this grief? If all the joys of this world present a guard of honor to the grief of Allah’s path, they cannot fulfill the rights of this grief. I implore you with a painful heart that this grief is extremely valuable. This grief leads one to Allah.

My crown is hidden in the lap of poverty. One atom of Your grief is not less than both the worlds.

Allah is not so oppressive so as to neglect the one who undergoes so much pain and worry by not committing sin. Allah is most merciful. He knows that first His servant did not have a beard. Now he is sporting a beard in spite of the fact that people are mocking him. Today the people can mock and jest but on the day of Qiyamah, Allah will not mock at me.

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