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How to deal with Beggars

Begging in Islam

Nowadays Begging has become very common and mostly poor people have adopted this profession. We find many people on roads, footpaths and other places begging and crying for money and food. Many people shout and also some use harsh languages for the begging person which looks very sad.

Many people also tend to use beggar as a profession nowadays to earn their daily bread and butter and avoid working to earn.

In Islam, you can beg only if you don’t have that much money or anything which is necessary for your life like food, medicine, clothes and you did not find any job. So, Begging can be said rightly if a person has lost his wealth and can’t earn anymore to survive other than the person has taken any debt and is in worst financial crisis.

Nowadays most of beggars are professionals they do have wealth and health but they beg as they make it their professions. We as a Muslim and a nation need to avoid these beggars. Because we have to search a right person or institute for the money which we are denoting.

Firstly, we do need to search in our relatives if you find some one needy you should help him first instead of others.

Secondly, we need to search our neighbors, might be any one need your financial help.

And if you did not find any needy people in your relatives and neighbors, the you should search right person sincerely, you can trust on Islamic organizations as well which are working for poor and needy peoples.

On the other hand, we don’t need to insult beggars. There is a chance that this beggar is not a professional beggar. Islam always teaches us humanity and treat other people with respect and equality either rich or poor. Many people cross the limits of humanity and treat them harshly and behave them in such a manner that the beggar curses them and feels bad within their heart.

Using Child as a labor

Many people use children as a labor for their begging profession which is also known as Child labor, people kidnap many small children and make them handicapped by breaking their hands and legs and use them as a product for begging. Can you imagine how important and serious matter it is? This is why we should pray and have to do something practically.

Reducing begging rate

So, in order to avoid hassles with beggars one needs to give zakat and sadqa to the needy people so that the beggar rate reduces and also the child labor rate is reduced. We need to educate people more and more about child labor so that people avoid them for using their personal needs.


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