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Importance of Offering Namaz with Assembly in Masjid

Namaz In Masjid

What is Masjid?

Masjid is the holy worship place for Muslims. They pray Namaz five times a day in Masjid, located normally everywhere in the world. Muslims offer Namaz (prayers) in five specific time at masjid. There are five Namaz (prayers) offered in a day (Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Magrib and Isha) which should be offer in Masjid unitedly with other Muslims. The most important aspect of Namaz is to offer on time, in an assembly, behind imam & five times a day in Masjid. Listening to Azaan and then following up for masjid within certain period of time, it is one of the most rewarded good deeds.

Importance & Benefits of Offering Salah in Masjid

Our Muslim society should pay special attention towards offering salah with assembly in Masjid. Many people prefer to pray in their homes rather than going to Masjid even if mosque is located near their houses which is very disliking act in our religion, as a Muslim we are committed to offer Namaz in Masjid on time with assembly, When Muslims pray in an assembly, there is a big blessing of Almighty Allah upon them.

When Salah is offered by assembly in Masjid Muslims are rewarded 27 more times than the individual prays. Rich and poor are gathered in an assembly behind imam such that there is no difference between King & slave, they all are equal in the eyes of Almighty Allah.

Whereas if Salah is not offered with Assembly in masjid without any acceptable reasons according to Quran and Hadith, it is an opposite act of the way of holy prophet peace be upon him. Therefore, for men, it is necessary to offer Salah in Masjid with assembly.

Offering Namaz in office timings

Nowadays in offices, people offer Namaz individually because for time saving, but it’s necessary to pray in Masjid with other Muslims. They should search Masjid near of their offices which can also be an invitation to other office employees for Namaz prayer. Masjid are located everywhere even in urban area so if one or a group of office staff is travelling, they can stop at Masjid and offer Salah in Masjid rather than praying qazah. Even If there is no masjid nearby so we can offer Namaz anywhere by standing side besides with each other & make 1 of us as Imam who is senior and more practicing Muslim, this act is also a good practice and a good deed.

Paying attention towards Ettiqutes of Masjid

Masjid should be built in every area so that people adopt this habit of praying in masjid rather than praying in homes individually. Establishing a masjid is a very good deed such that contributing of money in the construction of Masjid, If you built a Masjid and whenever any Muslim offer Namaz in that Masjid after your death, you will earn good deeds counted as a Sadqa jariya

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