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Link with Allah Ta’ala

Once Hazrat Khawajah Saheb asked Hazrat Thanwi in Jaunpur: “How will a person know that he has attained Wilayat and has established a link with Allah? Will he perceive that Allah has entered his heart?” Hazrat Thanwi Saheb replied, “When you attained puberty did you realize it? Did you have to ask your friends, O friends! Tell me, have I attained puberty?” What a marvelous example Hazrat Thanwi Saheb  then explained, “Likewise, when a person devotes sometime in the company of the Ahlullah, engaging in Zikrullah and abstaining from sins, his soul attains maturity. A different life enters in him. His heart becomes filled with the love of Allah Ta’ala and he perceives special spiritual warmth and closeness to Allah.

The Power of Love for Allah Ta’ala

“The day a person acquires the Love of Allah Ta’ala, he will crush all the pebbles (obstacles) that are found on that road. The Love of Allah crushes mountains. People complain: ‘This is difficult for me, and that is difficult for me.’ These difficulties last only while one does not have the Love of Allah. The day the Love of Allah enters the heart, mountains of difficulties will be crushed to fine sand.”

The Love of Allah crushes mountains into sand,

The Love of Allah boils the ocean like a boiling pot

So what then are our bosoms? Hence why will the love of Allah not affect our hearts? Now I will present one lesson from Mathnawi, and everything mentioned so for is from Mathnawi, since the object of Mathnawi is to create the love of Allah Ta’ala.

The entire creation are infants and immature, except for the Ashiqeen (those immersed in the Love of Allah). Many white bearded people will be amazed at this edict issued by Maulana Rumi, which declares them Na-Baligh (immature). Maulana explains that no person can be mature until he frees himself from the passions of his Nafs. He is immature until he overpowers his lust, and his Nafs is totally subdued. He who does as he pleases and disobeys Allah Ta’ala without the least hesitation, is still immature i.e., he still has not reached Allah. The day his Rooh becomes attached to Allah, overpowering all passions and lust, he has become mature. Now he is Baligh (mature)

The signs of the lovers of Allah

The first sign of the lovers of Allah is that they annihilate themselves in front of their brothers in Islam. Someone saw Hazrat Bayazid Bustami h in their dream and asked him what happed after your death? He replied that I heard a Voice saying what have you brought for Me? Hazrat Bayazid Bustami h said that I thought at that time that should I say that I have brought salaat, or recitation of the Quran, or Hajj or bayanaat but then it occurred to me that that there could be objections placed on these deeds. I then decided that I should say that I have brought “Tauheed” (Belief of oneness of Allah) for You. I then heard the Voice saying O Bustami, do you remember that night when you had pain in your stomach and someone asked you about the cause of the pain and you replied that this is because I drank some spoiled milk. How can a milk cause pain? We create the pain and we create the cure. Now where is your belief in Tauheed? Hazrat Bustami wept. Then the Voice said, it was a cold night and a puppy was drowning in mud, you rescued it, cleaned it and warmed it. Its life was saved because of you. We have accepted this deed of yours. Now go to Jannah.

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