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Method of Praying Missed Rak’ah in Congregation

Method of Praying Missed Rak’ah in Congregation

When we pray in congregation, If we join in the bowing (Ruku), then the prayer will said to be congregational but if we join after bowing (Ruku), that rak’ah will not counted with the congregation.

If we join after the first rak’ah, we will miss it. So now when the Imam sits for the Tashahhud (At-Tahiyat) in last Rak’ah of whether it is 2 Rak’ah or 4 Rak’ah, we stop our Tashahhud on ‘Ashhad’. We have to standup before salaam. If we standup after both salaam it is consider as more grateful. You can standup after first salaam also. Then we have to continue our remaining Rak’ah; first we start with Sana, then we recite Surah Fatiha and any other Surah from Quran and then we do bowing (Ruku), Prostration (Sajdah) and do the salaam. We will complete our Namaz.

So now what is the procedure if we miss 2 Rak’ah?

If we miss both Rak’ah of Fajr prayers then we have to standup after salaam and then pray two Rak’ah of Fajr, first with Sana and second one without Sana.

Now what’s the method of 3 Rak’ah?

If we miss 2 Rak’ah and we join in the 3rd Rak’ah, we’ll stand up after reciting Tashahhud (At-Tahiyat), then we recite Sana, Surah Fatiha and any Surah from Quran, then we do bowing (Ruku) & both the Prostration (Sajdah) then sit again to recite Tashahhud (At-Tahiyat) till ‘Ashhad’ and we’ll standup again. Now we’ll recite Surah Fatiha and any other Surah, do bowing (Ruku) and both Sajdah, recite Tashahhud (At-Tahiyat) and Durood Shareef and do the Salaam. Our 3 Rak’ah Namaz will be completed.


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