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NEW SEDITION – نیا فتنہ

Nowadays some liberals and intellectuals are speaking loudly without any knowledge of Islam that’s why they don’t have that fear of Almighty Allah as it should be.

They say that, instead of performing tawaf around Khana kaaba turn around towards a poor family.

They also say that do not need to donate a carpet to the Masjid instead when there are poor hungry people.

Instead of performing Hajj and Umrah, bear expenses of wedding of a poor daughter

It is better to provide medicines to the poor people instead of going out and preaching Islam.

It is far better to provide a bag of wheat to a widow’s house rather than providing cement for the purpose of construction of Masjid.


Representing two good deeds in such a way which is not beneficial for humanity and religious servings, it is considered as a foolish act.

If you really want to contest then we should compete this world activity with Islamic deeds and say that:

We will not Purchase cars worth 15 to 20 million until and unless there is a poor sleeping hungry in our society.

We will not spend 50 thousand or above on smart phones until unless there is a beggar in our society.

We won’t install the air condition in our home until unless any one is sleeping without Electricity.

Purchasing expensive clothes is better to purchase when there is no one wearing teary clothes on the street.

Why is the hatred against Holy Kaaba, Masjid, Hajj, Umrah and Preaching?

Comparing necessities against the duties is totally a negligence or ignorance against the duties of Islam. In our weddings, dancing of girls is a practice then why don’t we realize that they are also daughters and sisters of someone. But sorry to say nowadays, we are dancing with our own sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties & wives. May Almighty Allah forgives us and gives a knowledge of straight path. But for forgiveness of Almighty Allah, first we should make tawbah and get rid of these sinful activities.

We should think once for the sake of humanity & Islam, what we have to do? Ignoring unnecessary duties rather than ignoring duties of Islam.

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