Tuesday , June 22 2021

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Condition of Salaah: Satar

What is meant by satar Satar means the parts of the body which a Muslim must keep covered and hidden. A man must hide his body from the navel to the knees. This is fard during prayers and outside of prayers also. A woman must hide all parts of her …

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Mustahab method of delivering the Adhaan

There are seven mustahab things in Adhaan: ♦ To face the Qiblah. ♦ Not to make haste in saying Adhaan and to say it slowly and clearly. ♦ To put both index fingers in the ears. ♦ To call Adhaan from a high place. ♦ To say Adhaan in a …

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Difference between fard, waajib, sunnah & nafl

Difference between fard, waajib, sunnah & nafl Fard means compulsory beyond any argument. Anyone who denies a fard is a kaafir. And one who leaves a fard without excuse is a faasiq and is punishable. Waajib comes second to fard. One who denies waajib is not a kaafir but if …

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