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The Masaarif of Zakaah

The Masaarif of Zakaah

Meant by Masaarif of zakaah

The people to whom zakaah is allowed to be given are called masaarif. Masaarif is the plural of Masraf. The masaarif of zakaah are those people to whom zakaah may be given.

What are the masaarif of zakaah?

In these days, masaarif of zakaah are:

(1) Faqeer, a person having little belongings but not to the amount of nisaab. (2) Miskeen, the person who himself owns nothing. (3) Debtor, or a person who is in debt of others and whose debt exceeds his belongings to the amount of nisaab. (4) A traveller who has
run short of money while in journey may also be given zakaah according to his need.

To whom is it not allowed to give zakaah?

The persons to whom the giving of zakaah is forbidden are:

(1) A wealthy person- a person on whom zakaah is fard, or he has some property over and above his personal necessity to the amount of nisaab. For example, he has some copper utensils other than those required by him for daily use, valued to the amount of nisaab. It is not halaal for such a person to accept zakaah.
(2) A Sayyid and Banu Haashim. Banu Haashim means the descendents of Hadrat Ja’far, Hadrat ‘Aqeel, Hadrat ‘Abbaas, and Hadrat ‘Ali (may Allâh be pleased with them all).
(3) To one’s father, mother, maternal or paternal grandfathers and grandmothers, and to those above them in the lineage.
(4) To one’s son, daughter, paternal or maternal grandson and granddaughter, and to those in the lineage below that.
(5) The husband to his wife and the wife to her husband can not give zakaah.
(6) To a kaafir.
(7) To a minor child to a wealthy person. It is not allowed to give zakaah to any of these people.

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