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The Purpose of Life

The Effects of Keeping in Mind the Greatness of Allah

When the greatness of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la enters the heart, and the fear of reckoning of the day of Judgement enters the heart, it will not be concerned with the reproach of the people of this world and their curses and teasing after such a great sound has entered it. It will not be bothered by what people say. A person sported a one-fist length beard and wrote to Hadhrat Thanwi (Rahimahullah) that since the time he sported his beard, all his friends and acquaintances were mocking him. Hadhrat Thanwi (Rahimahullah) replied to him that he should let his friends continue laughing. On the day of Qiyamah he will not have to cry. He replied to another person, “Why do you fear the laughter of people? You are a man and yet you fear. Let them laugh.” What a great reward Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la has granted for safeguarding the gaze. Firstly, protection from regret, worry and uneasiness. Secondly, the sweetness of Iman. The one who safeguards his gaze, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will grant his heart the sweetness of Iman. After the sweetness of Iman, what will be his third reward? He will have a good ending, that is, he will die with Iman.

The Reason for a Good Ending

The question now arises: Why is there such a great reward for safeguarding the gaze which is not a very difficult task? Well, those who safeguard their gazes know what goes through their hearts at the time of turning away the glance. A person asked why is there the great reward of the sweetness of Iman for safeguarding the gaze. I replied that the heart carries the burden of all the grief when safeguarding the gaze and the heart is the king of the body. If the king has to work for you, will you pay him more or not? Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la also grants more reward for the work of the heart. When the heart makes an effort and endures the grief of not looking, it pleases the Owner, then Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la grants it reward. He grants it the sweetness of Iman. In reality, He grants it His own love. It has been freed from the love of corpses and attached to the Real Live One, namely Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la.

Attaching the Heart to Temporary Beauty

Just as how the stars are spread out in the sky, so are the stars of beauty spread out on earth. They will all perish. Refrain from your foolishness. If someone wants to see an international fool, he should look at the one who stares at temporary beauty. I am not saying this. Hadhrat Thanwi (Rahimahullah) says that every sinner is a fool but the sinner of the gaze is the leader of all the fools. He heads the fools because he will not achieve anything except burning the heart and making it uneasy. He is committing adultery of the eyes. If he spoke, then he has committed adultery of the tongue. He is speaking unnecessarily with her by saying, “Madam, where is your house? ” What is the need to speak like this to the lady? While you are committing haram, your carnal self is destroying you. Think of the fact that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching you. How can the one who meditates constantly that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching him, ever cast a haram glance? His sight kept a watch over my gaze. Regrettably, why were we unaware of this feeling? One should be aware all the time that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching my gaze. It should not be so that on the airport you completely neglect an old woman while you carry the bag of an attractive lady and even complete her immigration formalities. You tell her that you an expert at serving passengers. Is she the only passenger? There are other passengers as well. In whatever work you do, ponder that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching you. He knows the secret of the heart. A saintly poet says:

The stealing of the eyes and the secrets of the bosom, you know, O Independent One.

Remember that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is not in need of an x-ray.

The First Tafsir of Changing Sins into Good Deeds

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will wipe out all the sins he had committed and write those good deeds in place of them which he will do in the future. He will efface the sins of the past and write the good deeds of the future. He will not leave it empty otherwise the angels will know that something is amiss. They will realize that something has been erased. Therefore Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la has protected the honour of His servants. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will erase his past sins eg. a person who used to sing songs in a film has repented. He began performing salah, sporting a beard and he performed hajj. Now whatever songs he had sung, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will write the talbiyah [Saying the words, “Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk”] in place of it. As soon as he repents, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will wipe off his sins and write those goods which he will do in future. Is this not the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la?

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