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The Ulama Also Are Human Beings

The Ulama Also Are Human Beings

An ‘Aalim or a Religious Scholar is a human being, after all, like any of us. He is created just as we are and he is not an Angel. He harbors the same sentiments as we do. The same desires tempt him as we face and he too has to cope with the evil like we have to. Neither is he innocent and sinless nor is he Prophet and Messenger or an Angel. Rather, he lives in the world and faces the same things as any other man here. There is no evidence that a Religious Scholar should be innocent and sinless and one who will never sin or do wrong. If he is human then it follows that he might err and sin. Therefore, it is wrong to reject him if he is. The Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم has said “do not sever ties with him immediately but wait for him to
return”. He has the true knowledge and there is hope that he will come back to the correct path Insha’Allah.

Pray For the Ulama

If you pray for him you will get a two-fold reward. You will earn a reward for making a supplication and another for wishing well for a Muslim. Your prayer could be; “O Allah! This man is responsible for diffusion of religious teachings. We learn religious matters from him but the unfortunate man is involved in sin, O Allah! Be Merciful to him and get him out of this evil habit.” If your prayer is answered then you will be held responsible for his reformation and every righteous deed that he does after that will be credited to your Record of deeds also. So, you should not publicise the man’s faults and accuse him of being sinful. You will not gain anything by that.

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