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How to Ablution (Wadhu)

Ablution (Wadhu)

Miswak : It is a Sunnah to Miswak every time before Wadhu

How to Miswak:

The Sunnah way of holding a Miswak (As narrated by Abdullah Ibn-e-Masood R.A.) is to put small finger of Right hand under the back of Miswak Stick and the thumb just below and behind the bristly tip while the other three fingers over the top.

Wadu (Sunnah Method):

The Sunnah ways to perform proper Wadhu is given Below.

  1. Th e person making wudu should face the Qiblah and sit on an elevated place so that the water does not splash on him.
  2. Niyyah (Intention) by heart that this act of Wudu is for the purpose of Salah.
  3. Recite Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem (بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ) (in the name of Allah) before starting the Wadhu.
  4. Wash both hands (starting from Right side) upto the Wrist area, making sure that water has reached between the fingers.
  5. Do Miswak. If Miswak is not available, clean the teeth with finger.
  6. By using right hand, take water into the mouth and rinse thoroughly three times. (Do not gargle if Fasting).
  7. Inhale the water into nose and blowing in out three times (Use the left hand if necessary, to help blow it out). However, the fasting person should not allow the water to go beyond the
  8. soft-bone of the nose.
  9. Wash the face three times thoroughly from the hairline till below the chin and from one ear to other. Make sure that water reaches under the eyebrows and leaving no part of the skin dry. A person with long beard should wash the surface and run his wet fingers through it.
  10. Washing the arms (starting from Right side) upto and including the Elbows (and a little past the elbows to ensure the water reached the elbows fully) three times. Make khilaal (خلال) of the fingers. That is, pass the fingers of one hand through the fingers of the other hand. Make sure the water reaches underneath the ring, watch or any other material and leaving no part of the skin dry. It is essential to remove anything that could prevent the water from reaching the skin i.e. nail polish, paint mud, etc.
  11. Perform “Masah (مسح)”, by wiping the entire Head with wet hands from the forehead till the back of the head, once.
  12. With the same wet fingers insert the index fingers into the ears to clean it and use to thumbs to wipe the back of the ears.
  13. Make Masah of the neck with the back of the fingers of both hands.
  14. Wash your feet (starting from Right) up to and including the ankles three times. Make khilaal (خلال) of all the toes of the feet with the little finger of the left hand. Commence with the little toe of the right foot and end with the little toe of the left foot. Make sure that water has reached between the toes and covers the rest of the foot.


This is the correct detailed method of performing wadhu. However, there are certain acts, which if even a part is left out or not completed, then the wudu will be regarded as incomplete. In fact, it will be as if wudu was not performed at all. Such acts are called faraiz. There are other acts, which if left out, the wudu will be regarded as complete. Carrying out these acts will entail reward (thawaab) and these have been emphasized in the Shariah. It is a sin to leave out such acts unnecessarily. Such acts are called Sunnats. There are other acts, which if carried out entail reward, and if left out, entail no sin. Neither have they been emphasized in the Shariah. Such acts are called mustahab.





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