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What is Taqwa?

What is Taqwa?

Allah did not mention taqwa first. He first mentioned the fact that He created the ability to sin within man. Now it is your duty not to fulfill the urge to sin. This will create taqwa (piety) in you. If you want to obtain piety, then all you have to do is abstain from sin. Achieve Reward without Doing any Work The owners of factories first make their employees work and then reward them. But in this case, Allah is granting reward for not doing any work.

Do not steal, speak lies and do not look at women. By not doing these things, you will be rewarded with piety and Allah’s friendship. What is taqwa? Taqwa is when you have the urge to sin but you abstain due to the fear of Allah. Then you must endure the pain and not regret adopting piety. Do not say, “I wish I should have looked at least once.” Remember that it is shaytan’s ploy to make you regret. One who regrets has an undeveloped heart and his Iman is weak. Iman will be complete when he abstains from sin, endures grief, thanks Allah and becomes ecstatic with joy.

Who is a Muttaqi?

A muttaqi is one who protects himself from sin, protects his gaze from women, protects himself from speaking lies, from bribery, from disobeying his parents, from oppressing his wife and neighbors. He keeps away from all impermissible acts and does not regret. He does not regard Islam as oppressive. Islam has protected him from troubles otherwise if he had to eat from every farm like a cow, people would beat him so much that it would be impossible for him to stay alive. Go to the villages and have a look at the cow that grazes from everyone’s farm. It is beaten by everyone. Not an inch of its back is safe. When it falls ill, there is no one to cure it. When it dies, there is no one to bury it. Vultures and crows feed on its corpse

Taqwa and Taubah

A voice emanated from the sky saying, “O Isfaraini, you want to become sinless when I have made two paths for becoming a wali. One is the path of piety and the other the path of repentance. Have you not recited the verse in the Qur’an wherein Allah says that He loves those who repent. When there are two windows, why are you specifying one? If due to human weakness, you commit a sin, come in close proximity to Me by repenting. Do not commit sins intentionally. When there is excessive mud, even an elephant can slip. Therefore, if you commit a sin, repent and become My beloved. Why do you only want to come via the route of piety when I have opened the door of repentance as well? When I have opened two doors, why are you appointing only one for yourself? Become My beloved via the path of repentance. Supplicate for protection from sin, not for becoming sinless.”

An Easy Way to Achieve Piety

Now I will narrate to you the statement of my Sheikh, Shah Abdul Ghani (Rahimahullah). He said that Allah, due to His perfect mercy, indicated the prescription for taqwa after making taqwa incumbent. “Remain with the truthful ones (the people of piety).” Till when will you continue sinning? By living with them, your temperament will one day change. The one, who once lived in the sewerage area but has now begun living in a garden among fragrant flowers, will find that his nature will change. Now he will not go back to the sewerage area to smell a canister of feces. Muster up the courage and leave the sewerage for a few days. The Prescription for Reformation.

If you fear reverting back to the sewerage area and committing sin if you have to come out of the khanqah, then abandon going out for a year or two. Sacrifice even your relatives for Allah’s sake. Tell them to come and meet you in the khanqah. No matter what they say that the path to Allah is very difficult, do not worry about them. These very relatives will eventually fall at your feet when you don the crown of piety, when piety flows from your eyes and the scent of piety is effused from your tongue. Allah promises that He will love the one who leaves sin. He is in no need of amulets. When he belongs to Allah, Allah makes the creation love him. Do not worry about people saying that the path of Allah is difficult. Tell them that you are ill and that your Sheikh has prescribed a two-year stay for you in the khanqah.


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