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How to Windows Installation Step by Step

How to Windows Installation Step by Step


How to Install Windows

  • Go to the Get Windows 10 download website, then download the Download Tool now (link below) by clicking pressing the blue button.
  • Double click the exe file to run the installation of it. And click Yes.
  • Click the Accept.
  • Choose Create installation media for another PC. Then choose Next to continue.
  • If you leave the box Use the recommended options for this PC checked, your language, edition and architecture settings will remain the same as your current PC. So, uncheck the option, then fill in your own preference settings. Then press Next to continue.
  • Choose USB flash drive, and then click Next.
  • Now plug in your USB flash drive, then choose the flash drive you have and click Next.
  • Windows 10 will now begin to download.
  • When the download is finished, you will be seeing this window. Just click Finish to continue.


Bootable USB from rufus Software

  • Download Rufus.  (link:
  • Open the Rufus program from where you downloaded it to run it.
  • From the Device drop-down menu, select your USB drive, if it isn’t automatically selected.
  • Under “Boot selection“, select ISO file , if it isn’t already chosen, and then click SELECT to choose the .iso file you downloaded.
  • Leave “Image option” set to Standard Windows installation.
  • Leave “Partition scheme” set to GPT.
  • For “Target system”, select UEFI
  • Under “Format Options”, to ensure the flash drive is compatible with UEFI, select FAT32 for “File System”.
  • To create the flash drive with the “Press any key to boot from USB” prompt at startup, under the “Advanced format” options, select Create extended label and icon files.
  • When you are finished selecting options, click Start. When prompted, confirm that you want to erase the flash disk.
  • The ISO files will start copying to the flash drive; the process can take several minutes. When Rufus is done, close the program and eject and remove the flash drive.


Install Windows to the new PC

  • Connect the USB flash drive to a new PC.
  • Turn on the PC and press the key that opens the boot-device selection menu for the computer, such as the Esc/F10/F12 keys. Select the option that boots the PC from the USB flash drive.
  • Set the Language, Time and currency format, and press Next button
  • Now here select custom install windows only(advances).
  • And this is how looks if you have previously operating system installed.
  • Select windows partition (Drive 0 Partition 2) and click on delete, Ok to conform. And do the same with (system Reserved) Delete and Ok.
  • Now select drive create new partition and press the next button.
  • Click on next and installed new windows,


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