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Air pollution and traffic

In modern era , where there is large development in construction , IT and other fields etc. Vehicles are also increasing day by day and due to increase in transport traffic has also increased dramatically , many families are now owning more than one car and with the increase of public transport pollution has also increased in huge amount which causes air pollution such as atmosphere is polluted with heavy gases which causes diseases which are harmful for human body.
Air pollution is also caused by the smoke produced by trucks , cars and motorbikes. Due to smoke the trees and plants which are located on the footpath are also effected heavily and their growth is also effected badly. Other major reason for air pollution is that many old vehicles which are not properly maintained and have many mechanical faults inject lot of smoke and produce lot of noise which is also very disturbing for the atmosphere.

Other factor is that our industries which are burning coals , plastic bags produce or inject a lot of smoke in the air and also many of them throw waste materials in the sea which is harmful for marine life. Heavy industries produces a lot of waste material which is harmful for animals such that they tend to eat waste products which are also lying on the roads. We have also seen smoke injected out from houses while cooking from turbo which is also harmful is residential areas.
Many of our industries are not following proper rules and regulations for dumping the garbage so that our environment is safe and secure. Our senior authorities who are involved in environment cleaning should take proper measures and the traffic authorities should look after those vehicles which are not properly maintained and impose fines for those who are not looking after their vehicles. Horn should also be avoided while driving cars which also creates a lot of noise pollution and is also harmful for human ear drums.
Public should also follow rules and avoid unnecessary driving on roads which creates a lot of pollution and follow the traffic rules which is very helpful for them and for the environment. Trucks should also be avoided where there are only light vehicle roads which causes a lot of traffic on the roads and accidents. Due to trucks there is lot of noise and disturbance for the other drivers on the road. On bridges heavy vehicles should also be avoided which is the cause of accidents and due to overweight on bridges of heavy vehicles bridges fall apart and major accidents are witnessed by the other drivers on the road.

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