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Belief of Muslims Regarding Allah

What is the Muslim’s belief about Allah?

His belief is that:
♦ Allah is One.
♦ None is worthy of worship except Allah.
♦ He has no partner.
♦ He knows everything and nothing is hidden from Him.
♦ He is the Fountainhead of all strength and power.
♦ He has created the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, angels, human beings, jinn, and in fact created the whole universe out of nothing. He is the Master of all.
♦ He creates and destroys. Everything in creation is born or brought to an end by His order.
♦ He feeds all His creation.
♦ He neither eats, nor drinks nor sleeps.
♦ He Himself exists from eternity and will exist to eternity.
♦ Nobody gave birth to Him.
♦ He has no father, no son, no daughter, nor has He any relations. He is free from all these relations.
♦ Everybody and everything depends on Him. He does not depend on anyone. Nor is He in need of anything۔

♦ He is peerless. Nothing is like Him, nothing resembles Him.
♦ He is above all weaknesses and free from all defects and shortcomings.
♦ He has no hands, feet, nose, ears or face like human beings.
♦ He has made angels to look after certain affairs of the world.
♦ He sent prophets for the guidance of His creatures. They taught them the true religion, instructed them in what is good and tried to keep them away from what is evil.


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