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Conditions for Salaah

Conditions for Salaah

Seven conditions that must be observed before saying salaah.

They are:

♦ Taahir (clean) body;

  • That one’s body should be clean of all najaasat (uncleanliness).
  • Najaasat is of two kinds: one haqeeqi and the other hukmi.
  • The najaasat which can be seen is called haqeeqi najaasat, for example urine, stool, blood, wines.
  • When a man is without wuduu’ or bath (when he needs it), he has hukmi najaasat.
  • It is necessary to be free from both types of najaasat for saying salaah.
  • By wuduu’ one can clean oneself from the lesser type of hukmi najaasat.

♦ Taahir dress;

♦ Taahir place of prayer;

♦ Covering the satar (the private parts of one’s body);

♦ The correct time of the salaah;

♦ Facing towards the qiblah; and

♦ Niyyah or intention of saying salaah.




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