Wednesday , September 22 2021
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Nowadays many crimes are increasing day by day such as snatching , bank robbery , and many dacoits are also doing crimes in the time of night such as entering into houses late at midnight. Street crimes are happening in day time and night time , many mobile snatchers roam here and there where there is less population and less traffic and someone while crossing the road or walking sideways on the footpath face snatching of mobile on gunpoint which is very danger for the life.
Due to increase in shops of different item selling , businesses are also increasing so due to which robbers directly come into shops with full authority and snatch from the shop keepers and also destroy their belongings. Many people have also lost their lives while defending themselves and their belongings. So nowadays people also tend to keep a security guard which keeps their shop , businesses and belongings secure and safe.
Another most common crime is stealing money from banks and ATM such as stealing money and snatching money from different people who take out money from ATM machines. In night time in darker areas many people are victims of snatchers and also hurt themselves while defending themselves.
In weddings many women wear jewelry and go out in night time so while travelling they get snatched and loose their jewelry and many of their belongings. So it is also the duty of our people to take care of their selves and their belongings. So our police should take care of snatching , robbing and stealing activities. Each and every guard should also be monitored and also CCTV footage should also be properly monitored and look after. CCTV cameras should be properly installed and maintained so that if there is any robbing activity video can be obtained and proper action can be taken.

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