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Kidnapping Kids, Girls & women in Karachi

Today is 18th May, 2019, I am talking about very serious matter which is just starting to happen here in Karachi.

Some mysterious people kidnapping girls & women. There are many cases have been seen by citizens, many of them have reported but no action taken by any Government department of this city.

Behind this there are conscienceless & horrible people involved, they don’t have any right to live among us. These horrible persons having their criminal eyes on places from where they can kidnap our sisters, daughters. Mostly they do this act very fast, they analyze, girl is alone standing, walking, shopping & driving, they occupy and take her away. They usually come by the car for kidnapping.

What We have to do?

Very important point is what we have to do for this terrible activity, first we should care our daily routines not only just to schedule our work, we need to be very careful of our children, sisters, mother, wives, etc. Where they go, how they travel and what is going in their lives privately.

We have to care our health by food and exercises, so that we can defense ourselves & defend any sisters of our area. We do need to have licensed weapons & should learn how to use by any licensed academy or by any certified skilled person.

I was thinking about this problem, and I found one biggest reason of this case is we are not practicing Muslim.  In our religion (ISLAM), we have guide lines for all the aspect of our life. But we are not practicing even we are doing opposite things. Some points in my mind are

Restrictions of Man and women interactions

In our Holy Quran, we are restricted to interact, see & talk to na mehrams unnecessary. But we are having fun with na mehrams in our religious & noble families. Cousins are na mehram, brothers of husband are na mehram, sisters of wives are na mehram. We even don’t have time to learn how Almighty Allah order us to live.

No Islamic Covering dress for women

Our sisters, daughters & mothers are liking to be a model (FASIQA), they are not using dress for themselves, they are dressing themselves for showing off (RIYA) others, specially we as a husband, fathers & brothers encouraging & helping them for this shameful & sinful activity.

A woman who wear skin tight (in which shape of a body is prominent), and light dresses (in which her body color seeable) will be awake without any clothes in hereafter.

A Woman who uses fragrance, and a na mehram smells this fragrance. This woman will not even smell the fragrance of Heaven.

Thing is that why should we care about Islamic rules, we are enjoying life as non-Muslims. We are always claiming Ulmas, look like, Ulmas teach their daughters, sisters & wives these kinds of shameful sins.

May Almighty Allah guides us and opens our heart for Islam.

European Culture

Amazingly! We are Muslim and we have a history that non-Muslims occupied our region and wrongly used our integrity and place, they snatched our scientific education library and burned our Quranic education materials, but we are fan of them and we hate our Ulma-e-deen. We are following non-Muslims and counting their decent works but we are not doing the thing which is in Quran.

Because of this reckless thinking, I got more believes on Almighty Allah and Shetan.

Unnecessary Outing

One more important thing is that we are not enjoying our life with our family at home, we do need to go anywhere to enjoy, to dinner, to make fun, we don’t care about Islamic rules & our health. We don’t like peace, calm & quite environment of our home. We love to go outside and do shopping in a terrible way of super mart. We also love to interact with na Mehrams with smile, but we don’t like to smile at poor & labor people coming at ours home.

We can go outside to visit beautiful places and also can eat food outside as well but we should care about Almighty Allah what he told us to do and what is not important for us.

Because of this unnecessary outing, our young generation think like this life is just for enjoyment, specially we don’t care about Islamic parda in market and restaurant. So many false dirty affairs between men & women has become. Girls don’t know the person who is watching her but she is also watching and smiling at him. she doesn’t know the background of that person could kidnap her. Naturally there is an attraction between men and women. The main problem is that we are not practicing Muslim, we are not conscious about true Islamic parda but we are mad about to save some rupees and go along with daughters, Mothers & wives to super market in rush hours.

Still a Chance

We just need to tauba and promise ourselves that our coming entire life will be as our Almighty Allah’s wish. We strongly request to President of Pakistan to take care of this situation urgently.

We will get rid of all problems very soon, insha’Allah.

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