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What is meant by Waajibul-Wujood & Sifaat-e-Kamaaliyah?


Waajibul-Wujood is the Eternal Being whose presence is necessary and whose absence is impossible. Waajibul-Wujood means one who has been from all time before and will remain for ever. There is no beginning for Him nor an end. He is selfexistent, since anything which comes into being or is present due to another’s creation cannot be Waajibul-Wujood.

Thus, according to the teachings of Islam, Allâh is WaajibulWujood. He alone and no other being in the universe is Waajibul-Wujood.


Since Allâh is Waajibul-Wujood, and one who is WaajibulWujood must be perfect, the perfect qualities or attributes which are essential for Waajibul-Wujood are established (proved) to be in Him. These qualities are called Sifaat-eKamaaliyah.

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