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Obtain the Knowledge of Deen

Obtain the knowledge of deen for the sake of Allah

Our Hazratwala h studied at an unknown seminary of Sara-e-Meer. Someone told him that he should study at Darul-uloom Deoband. When he will graduate, his letter pad and visiting card will bear the name of Darul[1]uloom Deoband and as such, he will have a lot of honor. He replied that I am not studying for the sake of respect. I am studying for Him who is the creator of honor.

My Shaykh is in this seminary. Hazrat Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri h is here who possess a sound heart. Hazrat Phoolpuri h was one of the greatest Khulafaa of Hazrat Thanawi h. Hazrat Thanawi h used to say that Molvi Abdul Ghani is the Siddique of this time. Hazratwala h used to say that I keep rectification of the heart and the will of Allah as the first priority. Knowledge is my second priority. If one obtains knowledge but not obtain a sound heart, or weeping eyes or fear of Allah and gets all the wealth in this world then no one is more of an orphan, miserable and at more loss than this person. People who take the name of deen are running towards dunya. Today, the people who take the name of deen are running towards dunya. They are doing MBA. Maulana Rafiq Balakoti A, who is a teacher at the Banuri Town Madrassah, has produced a number of writings on the topic that people get involved in earning the dunya after learning the deen and then forget about such a great wealth that they possess. You are the inheritors of the prophets.

You are forsaking such a huge wealth and going after the worldly wealth when the prophets have not left dinar or dirham as a heritage. But they have left the legacy of knowledge behind. The true fact is that when they are students, they do not go to a wali of Allah and learn manners and taqwa from him nor do they spend time with him after they graduate. If during their time as a student, they learn manners and taqwa, you will see how far they will go.

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