Tuesday , June 22 2021

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Conditions for Salaah

Conditions for Salaah Seven conditions that must be observed before saying salaah. They are: ♦ Taahir (clean) body; That one’s body should be clean of all najaasat (uncleanliness). Najaasat is of two kinds: one haqeeqi and the other hukmi. The najaasat which can be seen is called haqeeqi najaasat, for …

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Farz and Sunnah in wudu

There are four things farz in wudu. ♦ Washing the face from the forehead to the lower portion of the chin and from one ear to the other; ♦ Washing both the arms, up to the elbows; ♦ Doing masah, covering at least a quarter of the head; and ♦ …

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Benefits of salah?

Benefits of salah There are many benefits. Here we will tell you some of them: ♦ The body and clothes of a namaazi (musalli or one who prays salah ) are always neat and clean. ♦ Allah, the Almighty, is pleased with one who says salah. ♦ Prophet Muhammad (صلى …

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