Tuesday , June 22 2021

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Correct Way of Doing Ruku & Sajdah

Correct Way of Doing Ruku For ruku’, the head and waist should be on the same level. The head should neither be higher nor lower than the waist-line and both the hands should be kept away from the ribs and the knees be held tightly. Correct Way of Doing Sajdah …

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How to offer Salah of 3 or 4 rak’aat ?

How to offer Salah of 3 or 4 rak’aat ? he first two rak’aat should be said in the same way as explained above. And in the qa’ada (sitting), Darood shareef should not be recited after Tashah-hud. Instead, stand up saying Takbeer. If the Salah is waajib, sunnah or nafl …

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How to do wudu

How to do wudu Sit at a high place. Take clean water in a clean pot. It is better to face the Qiblah but if there is no possibility of it, there is no harm. Roll up your sleeves to your elbows; then recite Bismillaah and wash both the hands …

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