Wednesday , July 28 2021

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How to Wadu (Ablution)

Wadu (Ablution) Miswak : It is a Sunnah to Miswak every time before Wadu How to Miswak: The Sunnah way of holding a Miswak (As narrated by Abdullah Ibn-e-Masood R.A.) is to put small finger of Right hand under the back of Miswak Stick and the thumb just below and …

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Nowadays many crimes are increasing day by day such as snatching , bank robbery , and many dacoits are also doing crimes in the time of night such as entering into houses late at midnight. Street crimes are happening in day time and night time , many mobile snatchers roam …

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Air pollution and traffic

In modern era , where there is large development in construction , IT and other fields etc. Vehicles are also increasing day by day and due to increase in transport traffic has also increased dramatically , many families are now owning more than one car and with the increase of …

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