Thursday , June 24 2021

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Masah Over Socks

Masah Over Socks Is it necessary to wash the feet every time when you do wuduu’ ? No. It is not necessary all the time. When you are wearing thick socks you can do masah over them. How to do this masah ? Wet your fingers with water and then, …

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Bath (Ghusul)

Bath (Ghusul) The body can be cleaned of hukmi najaasat by taking ghusul. Ghusul means taking bath; but there is a particular way of taking bath described by sharee’at (Islamic law). The way of taking ghusul is this: First wash the hands up to the wrists. Then wash the private …

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Eight things break the wuduu.

Eight things break the wuduu. They are called nawaaqid (breakers) of wuduu: ♦ Discharging of urine or stool, or the coming out of anything from the mentioned parts; ♦ Discharging gases; ♦ Flowing of blood or pus out of any part of the body; ♦ Vomiting in mouthful; ♦ To …

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