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The Message of Islam

The Message of Islam has reached the Entire World

According to these people it is not desirable but compulsory to convey Islam to the unbelievers, then what do you have to say about all our elders like Shâh ‘Abdul Azîz rahimahullâh, Shâh Walî Allâh rahimahullâh, Imam Abû Hânîfah rahimahullâh, Imam Bukhârî rahimahullâh, etc. who did not go to America or Japan? Did they abandon a compulsory act or not? A person who abandons a compulsory act cannot be a true friend of Allah Ta’ala. So it seems that there was no true friend of Allah Ta’ala for about 1200 years. I therefore asked a very senior mufti about the ruling with regard to making such statements. He said that it is absolutely wrong and based on ignorance because the majority of the erudite ‘ulamâ’ are not part of this Tablîghî work. The mufti said that Islam has spread throughout the world. There is no unbeliever who does not know about Islam. There is no unbeliever who does not know that Islam is the only acceptable religion in the sight of Allah Ta’ala. And that anyone who accepts any other religion shall be cast into Hell. I have mentioned these few things because we accompanied some friends and associates in several Tablîghî jamâ‘ats and I perceived this illness. I therefore spoke to Mufti Rashîd Ahmad Sâhib and asked him this question: “Who is more superior, those who are going to Japan and causing people to embrace Islam, or the ‘ulamâ’ who are teaching Bukhârî Sharîf.” Mufti Sâhib smiled and said: “Those who are doing the blessed work of Tablîgh are engaged in something which is mustahab and not fard. There is not a single unbeliever who has not heard about Islam, or who does not know what the adhân is. The adhân has spread throughout the world through the radio and television. The message of Islam has reached the entire world. They all understand that the Muslims have a religion which claims that no religion apart from Islam is acceptable to Allah Ta’ala, and that Islam is the only way to salvation. It is therefore the responsibility of the unbelievers to make inquiries. At the same time, those who go to invite them towards Islam will be not deprived of reward because they cannot teach Bukhârî Sharîf. They may do this work [of Tablîgh] and acquire rewards. We are occupied in the madrasah. So they should be given the opportunity of going and conveying our “wealth” [knowledge] to the different places. We should therefore value and appreciate them. We therefore direct our friends to join the Tablîghî jamâ‘at.

It is not compulsory to turn the Unbelievers into Muslims

The work of Tablîgh is blessed, desirable and liked, but not on the level of fard. In fact, Islam has not made it compulsory to turn the unbelievers into Muslims. Had it been compulsory to make them into Muslims, Rasulullah (sallellaho alaihe wasallam) would have compelled those areas which he conquered into embracing Islam. This is because normally one is compelled into a compulsory act. However, Rasulullah (sallellaho alaihe wasallam) never compelled anyone. Instead, he gave them the option to either embrace Islam or pay the jizyah (a tax paid by non-Muslims to live under the protection of the Islamic state). The unbelievers who agreed to pay the jizyah were left as they were. They were not compelled into embracing Islam. The order to pay jizyah is issued to display the power and strength of Islam, and the humiliation and disgrace of unbelief. What is the meaning of accepting jizyah from them and not compelling them into embracing Islam? It means that it is not compulsory to turn them into Muslims. It is compulsory to inform them about Islam and this has been done. Now if you [unbelievers] do not want to embrace Islam, we will not compel you. Had it been compulsory to turn them into Muslims, Rasulullah (sallellaho alaihe wasallam) would have said to them: “My mercy does not permit me to accept a paltry sum of money from you and be happy with your unbelief.” We learn from this that it is not compulsory to turn the unbelievers into Muslims.


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